Download Instagram Videos

Because of the high advancement in technology, now there is no need to know tips and tricks how to download an Instagram video on your laptop, personal cell phone, or tablet. Is enough to make a quick research for understanding how easy is to find quick and high quality apps that can facilitate the whole process.

The best free apps for download Instagram videos

But what are the best free apps for downloading any Instagram video? Well, while there is a bunch of different apps in base of personal use, we have made a short list of those that deserve a greater attention.

Download Instagram videos on PC with DrewDown:

One of the most used and one of the easiest ways to save any Instagram video on a personal computer. The steps are:

  • a. Open Instagram
  • b. Copy the video URL
  • c. Go to the DrewDown web page
  • d. Paste the link on the Search combo
  • e. Wait till the video is analyzed and within a few seconds your video will start downloading on your PC.

Download Instagram videos on Android with Video Downloader for Instagram

An attractive preference for downloading any Instagram videos. It goes pretty smooth on any Android mobile, and the steps are:

  • a. Open the Instagram app and copy the video URL from the three dots on the corner of the page
  • b. Open the Instagram Video Downloader for Instagram and paste the link
  • c. Hit the option “Download” and the video will start downloading on your Android

Download Instagram videos on iOS with IGSave

One of the most prominent choices for iOS users. The app is very plain, though at the same time extremely at-handy for downloading for free any Instagram video. The steps to do this are as follows:

  • a. Download the IGSave from the App Store
  • b. You can search directly any Instagram video directly via your IGSave app
  • c, Select the video you want to save on your Gallery
  • d. You will find your video on your iOS mobile camera’s roll

Hence, these are a few names of the most popular apps at the moment for downloading any Instagram video for free. While the list can be longer, these names are the favorite from the audience. It only depends on your personal device where you want to save your selected Instagram videos.