Facebook dark mode - Release Date for FB dark mode

While all customized with the two colors of white and blue of the most social and popular platform, there is already present the new feature of dark mode. The new feature is available only to beta testers, the first who have enjoyed the new look since the last year. However, Facebook developers have already recognized the lagging of the new launch, consequently, ensured Facebook users that the new feature will be available for all platforms within the 2020.

What are the benefits of the Facebook dark mode?

There is no need to recognize the benefits that the dark mode brings to any application in general. While other related services such Twitter or Slack have already introduced the dark mode to their users, Facebook is lagging. Anyway, at the moment users will have the option on their personal devices, they can enjoy the possibility for reducing the energy of their devices, or reducing the overall glare for protecting their eyes. Hence, all this takes a relevant importance, for it increases safety by making more comfortable the overall performance.

In what platforms the Facebook dark mode is currently present?

Android users were the first who were introduced to the new feature. Back in 2019, Facebook developers made public the new feature while promising its extension to all platforms and devices. Initially, Beta testers were notified on their devices for selecting between the dark and light mode. Hence, no big efforts were required. Otherwise, the whole process in general is quite easy, and it looks like similar to other related platforms such as Twitter or Slack.

What to expect from the new Facebook dark mode feature?

As already mentioned, if compared to related services, Facebook is lagging. However, the new dark mode feature will introduce to users and fans of Facebook the many possibilities for having an enhanced performance while saving energy and protecting their eyes. This will increase the overall performance of Facebook, which with its many other options and rich features will definitely increase the number of users in the near future.

Is there any way to apply the dark mode on Facebook?

The answer is yes, however, as in case of WhatsApp or other related platforms where the dark mode is still on a Beta phase, the possibility to have the dark mode feature on a personal device is only via the installation of a dark theme. Users can do this either on a Windows OS, Mac, or Linux. Otherwise, users can also add a dark theme extension to their browser and switching to the dark mode anytime they want to have their personal Facebook page in the dark mode.

While waiting for the official launch of the Facebook dark mode feature, users who have been selected as Beta testers can enjoy in advance. However, as Facebook developers have promised, the new feature will be ready within this year. Till then, just follow the above advises.