Facebook Marketplace - How to use FB Marketplace to buy and sell items

Facebook Marketplace was introduced back in October 2016. The service for buying and selling stuff via the Facebook main website remains up to date one of the most used features of Facebook. While the business model looks like a copy-paste picture of Craiglist or Amazon, in reality, the present option is only the consequence of the Facebook usage. The high number of users remains the reason Facebook marketplace remains a popular option to those interested in buying-selling services, products, or promote their business ideas to the Facebook community.

How to buy and sell on Facebook marketplace?

The whole process is quite easy, and it requires no big efforts. In case you have a product, a service, or you just want to open new doors for your business by promoting it to a big community, well, the solution is the Facebook marketplace. It is enough being over 18 years old and having a Facebook account and the access to one of the biggest marketplaces is free. The icon of the Facebook marketplace is an integrative part of the website/app. In addition, users can quite easily filter their research by reducing or increasing the location’s distance.

Some advantages of the Facebook marketplace

One of the great advantages of the Facebook marketplace is the possibility to sell cheap products bought from other markets, as in the Chinese's case market, for example, and then sell the product with a higher price. This strategy has helped thousand of young sellers abroad in growing their small businesses, no matter the business’s location.

Another great advantage of the Facebook marketplace is the large number of visits every month. Over 450 millions of users visit, buy and sell different products and services every month via the Facebook marketplace. It is because of this high number that users can benefit for finding convenient prices for different products and services according to their needs and preferences. However, what makes Facebook marketplace similar and different from other related services?

Facebook marketplace vs Craiglist vs Amazon

Facebook marketplace business model is very similar to Amazon, eBay, or Craiglist. These big competitors offer the same services and options to users across the world. However, there are a few things that make the Facebook marketplace slightly different from these big names. Starting from the easiness for researching any product via the main website or app. While you are sharing your daily moments with your family and friends, you can hop quite easily on the Facebook marketplace just by clicking on the icon that shows the Facebook marketplace. This is a quite different procedure if compared to Amazon or eBay. Otherwise, if you are a seller, then listing to the Facebook marketplace is more easy if compared to Craiglist. The steps for becoming a seller are smooth and you can list your products within a time record. Hence, there are different advantages that make the Facebook marketplace one of the favorite at the moment.