Facebook Messenger - Write with your friends

Facebook Messenger remains one of the most popular options for chatting and sharing social moments. The app which includes several features for enhancing the user experience permits to any user and fan of Facebook platform to connect with over 1 billion of people across the world.

What are the main features of Facebook Messenger?

While there is an increase of Facebook use, it is out of a discussion that the use of Facebook Messenger has also recognized a relevant uptrend during the recent years. But what are some of the main features of Facebook Messenger? What makes this app different from other similar social platforms?

The list of features offered from Facebook Messenger is very long, however, one of the favorites features of Facebook Messenger is the option to have a full-rich package that allows you to share, chat, play, watch, and pay. An important option to mention here is the possibility to share opinions and conversions via chatting while enjoying the full secrecy. Another great option is the possibility to make VoIP calls with all your Facebook friends and community; Without leaving apart here the possibility to have a video chat, or to play games with your friends. If you are a business, then in that case you have the option for creating a greeting and then send it to your customer. Otherwise, Facebook Messenger allows you to customize your chat groups. The user interface is great, and it permits you not only to share social thoughts but also handling the daily tasks. In case you need a taxi for heading to your workplace, you can call Uber or Lyft. This can be issued without leaving the Facebook Messenger app, which at the same time it allows you to issue any payment for any service you have requested via the app.

Therefore, the list of features is quite long and it would take another page to include all the options that Facebook Messenger offers to all users of Facebook. However, what are the most recent updates of this great app?

Latest updates of Facebook Messenger

On February 2020, Facebook launched the “One Time Notification” API for all users of Facebook Messenger. Now all active businesses on Facebook have the option for setting up notifications on their page that their customers and users of Facebook can in the following enable for having the most up-to-date information on their page.

Another change that will take place this year is the “24+1 Window” which will become the “24 Window”. This means that you can still message to your customers within 24 hours however, the “+1” message will not be available any longer. This means that you can send any promotion you want but only within the 24 hours window.

These are the most recent updates of one of the most popular apps at the moment. It is out of a discussion that Facebook keeps heading towards a continuous transformation and innovation.