Facebook Video Download online

It is quite from a few years that downloading video from Facebook is not any longer allowed. As in the case of YouTube, for the sake of enjoying the benefits of downloading videos, users recur to Facebook Video Downloader and similar websites which remain a great option for replacing the old integrated feature in the platform.

How to download Facebook videos?

In a strong competition with YouTube, Facebook continues to advance in its transformation for keeping a high position in the market. As in the case of his rival, Facebook has stopped the video downloading option. This means a lot of websites for helping users continuing enjoying the benefits of the biggest social platform. If once upon a time users used to upload, share, and download videos freely, now the only option they have is to copy the URL of the video, paste it on alternative websites and download it.

Where stands the discrepancy of Facebook Video Downloader?

While the Facebook Video Downloader remains the first choice website for downloading Facebook videos, yet a lot of websites offer the same option. However, one need to bear in mind that there are two different types of videos for downloading, private and public and for each of these there is a different procedure.

In case of public videos, here are the steps to follow:

  • 1. Get the URL of the Facebook video
  • 2. Right-click and open the Facebook video in a new tab
  • 3. Copy the video URL from your web browser
  • 4. Open the Facebook Video Downloader online
  • 5. Paste the video URL
  • 6. Click the Download button in blue color.

Otherwise, in case of private videos, these are the steps to follow:

  • 1. Retrieve the "page source" of a private video
  • 2. Open the video in a new tab by right-clicking it
  • 3. Select ‘View page source" by right-clicking on the page
  • 4. Use the command "CTRL+C" for copy the whole source of the page
  • 5. Open the Private Facebook Video Downloader
  • 6. In the box, paste the source code
  • 7. Click the Download button in blue color
  • 8.Save the video

In general there are different methods for downloading Facebook videos. However, remains important being cautious. Among websites that offer a high quality of video downloading there are also sites that lack of quality.