Facebook Video Downloader APP

Facebook remains one of the most popular social platforms. However, users find quite often many difficulties in finding the suitable app for downloading videos stationed on this platform. This has heightened the demand for developing many apps, either for Android or iOS. Nevertheless, finding the right quality and the right app for downloading Facebook videos still remains an intricate task.

How to use the Facebook Video Downloader app?

While there are many Facebook Video Downloader apps, there are a few that offer to users an easy way to download videos from Facebook. The steps are quite practical to follow, and no requirement is needed or any particular procedure. Here are the steps for downloading videos on the Android mobile:

  • 1. Click on the Facebook video you want to download, either on the Facebook Video Downloader app or website
  • 2. Click on the app by opening it
  • 3. Click on the "Share" option and copy the video URL
  • 4. Find a browser that is fast with downloading and open the website or app
  • 5. Click on it by pasting the video URL
  • 6. Dont forget to select the quality of the video you want to download
  • 7. Select the option "Download Video"
  • 8. You will find the downloaded video on your Download Folder

Therefore, is quite easy to use the Facebook Video Downloader app and downloading videos on your mobile, either Android or iOS. In both cases the procedure is similar, and it doesn’t require any particular details. However, from statistics it results that users of Android are higher than users of iOS.

Is there any discrepancy in using the Facebook Video Downloader app?

The answer is no, except of the fact that considering the high number of apps, users lose time in searching for the right one. However, from a simple research the results show that the best Facebook Video Downloader apps offer the following options:

  • 1. High downloading speed
  • 2. The option where to save the video
  • 2. Detect automatically the video link without the need for copy-paste
  • 3. Downloading large video files in small chunks without loosing the original quality
  • 4. Simple interface with in most cases with GUI based

There are a lot of pros and cons in any Facebook Video Downloader app, however, the procedure in major cases cases is basic and similar.