Facebook Video Downloader Chrome

While there are a lot of apps and websites for downloading Facebook videos, the benefits and the easiness from using the Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension are not familiar to many. Many users prefer mobile apps or the Facebook Video Downloader website or similar sites for downloading videos instead of the Chrome extension.

How to use the Facebook Video Downloader Chrome?

While many apps have pretty much the same procedure for downloading videos from Facebook, though not so complicated, the use of Chrome extension is even much easier. It is enough following these steps and within a few seconds you can watch online a Facebook video or save it on your computer. Here are the steps:

  • 1. Download the Facebook Video Downloader Chrome and add it to your extensions
  • 2. Enable the extension directly from your Chrome browser
  • 3. Copy and paste the link/URL of your video inside the extension
  • 4. Select the quality of your video you want to download, just at the corner of the extension
  • 5. Click “Download” and your video will be ready on your computer

This is one of the simplest procedures for downloading Facebook videos. Hence, instead of wasting time for looking apps or websites, it is enough a simple extension added to your Chrome browser and you can download freely with no restriction any Facebook video.

Is there any discrepancy in using the Facebook Video Downloader Chrome?

Facebook Video Downloader Chrome is easy and precisely because of this, no discrepancies can arise for making difficult the user experience. However, issues similar to those created because of the flash video player, the computer’s performance, or browser problems, can occur time to time. However, here some tips and tricks in avoiding similar inconveniences during the downloading process:

  • 1. Before adding the Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension to your browser clear cache and cookies
  • 2. Before installing the Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension to your Chrome browser, assure to have active the HTML video player or the Adobe Video Flash Player, where the later is installed automatically with the browser
  • 3. Be sure that your Chrome browser is up-to-date

Facebook Video Downloader is an easy way to download Facebook videos without worrying for apps or websites. It saves time and efforts while optimizing and smoothing the overall user experience.