FMWhatsAPP APK - Latest Version Download

FMWhatsapp is a new trend among users of WhatsApp and its popularity is increasing thanks to its transformation mirrored in different features and options. However, what is FMWhatsapp and why suddenly has become so trendy across the world?

What is FMWhatsapp?

FMWhatsapp is another great alternative that Whatsapp offers to fans of its services. While similar to the Whatsapp core app, FMWhatsapp offers other hidden options to users while increasing security, privacy, and overall performance. But what are some of these features that users still don’t know?

What are the main features of FMWhatsapp?

Starting from privacy, the FMWhatsapp app offers new options for making any conversation or call private. Among the most important options are the possibility for “Hide the voice recording”, the “Who can call me privacy”, the possibility to enable to “Disable forward”, the “Freeze last screen”, or the “Anti-delete message”.

Apart the privacy, one of the reasons users like it, is that the FMWhatsapp app offers several options for a high customization. Among the most important options is the feature for changing the theme. Finally, some changes of the WhatsApp look as we were all customized with the green color. Another relevant feature or enhanced security measure that mirrors the increasing performance of the WhatsApp core app, are the different options for making more secure the FMWhatsapp app. Users now have the possibility to lock the app by setting a security pin, or even locking chats or conversions. This makes the overall experience more private and secure.

Other important features of the app that make more easy to replace the old WhatsApp app with the FMWhatsapp are the possibility for stopping the internet only for the FMWhatsapp app, increasing the video limit up to 700 MB or even to make public the personal status for only 5 minutes.

All these features explain the reason FMWhatsapp is becoming so popular and trendy among fans of Whatsapp platform. There is no need to explain why the Whatsapp app looks outdated if compared to FMWhatsapp.

For what platforms is FMWhatsapp available?

This is important to mention for the only reason that FMWhatsapp is available mostly to Android users. This means that you can install it on your PC, MAC, or iOS, but you need to install emulators first that make possible the installation of FMWhatsapp. As in case of the WhatsApp, FMWhatsapp offers the same easiness.. The most popular and used app at the moment is the FMWhatsapp APK for Android, available on its 8.09 version. This is the official version with all the mentioned features.

Therefore, is you are still unfamiliar with the Whatsapp alternatives, maybe this information can help you. And if you are still undecided whether to replace the old Whatsapp app, maybe the time for changing and trying something new, has come. The choice remains personal, however, FMWhatsapp represents a great app, paired with the easiness of installation, a rich platform with enhanced options and excellent performance.