Save Video FB - Facebook Video Downloader

Saving videos from Facebook allows to users watching videos without the necessity to be logged in the platform Fortunately, there are many ways and many apps that tell to users how to save video FB. Thus, in a predominant digital era, users do not need to get worried in finding the way how to save their favorite online content on their Facebook account or personal devices.

How to save the Facebook videos on personal device?

Though the Facebook’s platform is not so easy to save videos on your computer or phone, the option for saving or bookmarking the video you want is still present. However, in most of the cases, using third-parties adds in considered as the most practical way that allows you to trick Facebook for saving the videos you like directly on your mobile or computer.

Among the many ways, there are the most common to save a video FB

Save the video for watching it later

  • 1.Open the video you want to save
  • 2.Click on the three dots present in the video
  • 3. Save the video by clicking on the option "Save"

Another way for saving a video FB is the following:

Save the video on your computer

  • 1.Find the video you want to save
  • 2.Right-click by selecting "Show video URL"
  • 3.Click on the URL and hit the command "CTRL+C"
  • 4. Past the URL into a new tab on your browser
  • 5. Replace with "mbasic" the "www"
  • 6. Hit "Enter" and select "Save Video As..."
  • 7. The video will be save on your computer

The following is another way how to save video FB on your mobile, either Android or iOS. In this case it is necessary having a third-party add installed.

Save video FB on your Android or iOS mobile

  • 1.Find the video you want to download
  • 2.Tap somewhere on the video screen and find the video "Menu"
  • 3.Select the "Cloud" option that you can find in the right-corner of video screen
  • 4.This option permits to save and download the video directly on your Android or iOS

Therefore, in concluding, there are different ways for saving video FB. However, the high demand because of the extensive use of Facebook and its increasing restrictions, have paved the way for many apps and websites for facilitating the overall user experience.