WhatsApp Dark Mode Apple - How to enable it on iOS

There is no need to admit the popularity of WhatsApp as one of the most used apps for chatting and messaging. The ongoing transformation and innovation is the reason users continue to benefit from its rich features, options, and easiness in use. However, we cannot leave out of our attention the relevance of the most recent update of this great app, the dark mode feature. It is definitely a long-waiting option which increases the overall performance of the app by enhancing the overall user performance.

How to enable the WhatsApp dark mode?

But how to activate the WhatsApp dark mode on a personal device? There is no need for big efforts taking into account how easy is to use the WhatsApp app. All you have to do is to go on your app menu, select the “Settings” option, go to “Chats” and from there select whether you want to change your app into the dark mode or light mode. It is straightforward, without mentioning here the relevant benefits of enabling the dark mode. Starting from battery saving, or protecting your eyes, in particular during the night, the dark mode feature is a great option which makes the user experience smooth and easy.

In what platform the WhatsApp dark mode is available?

The WhatsApp app is not yet available to all platforms. Usually, Android users can benefit the most from it. While in other related operative systems the procedure can be not so straightforward, users can anyway install it. For example, for having the dark mode active on iOS mobile, the steps for doing this are similar to Android. However, in case of desktop or other related platforms the process is still on testing and no any relevant update is public yet. However, WhatsApp developers are optimistic and have claimed that soon the new feature will be available to all users despite their personal device.

Is there any alternative for enabling the dark mode on WhatsApp?

At the moment, the only way for enabling the dark mode in case you have installed WhatsApp on your desktop is via the installation of a dark theme. Either in case of Windows, Mac, or Linux, there are several dark themes that you can install, either from the default repositories or external sources. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of the dark mode feature while waiting for the WhatsApp official roll-out.

The dark mode is a great feature and many platforms, social or not, have already introduced it. Slack, Facebook Messenger, all have already advanced at this point. WhatsApp is lagging a little, however, the dark mode is already available for Android and iOS users. Despite the whole project is not extended in all platforms and operative systems, WhatsApp developers and managers are working hard for making it soon part of the WhatsApp app for all systems. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy it on your Android or iOS mobile.